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Message of the Minister of Foreign Affairs on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Today we commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Yom HaShoah. It’s a day of humility and reflection, in memory of the six millions of Jews that perished under Nazi persecution. We stand in awe in front of their courage and suffering, vowing that we will never forget.

We will never forget that humanity had lost its moral bearings and plundered into an abyss of persecution and genocide. That a whole nation was ravaged because of delusional rhetoric and perverted ideology. We will never forget that individual apathy has led to collective suffering, and that human dignity was a victim of intolerance.
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Cyprus parliamentary elections 2016: Polling stations – Registration to vote abroad
The Cyprus Elections Committee announced that Cypriots who reside abroad and wish to register to vote for the 2016 Parliamentary elections may do so by submitting the completed registration form electronically by following the link below. Registration can also be done in person at the Embassy/Consulate of the Republic, in Greece and the United Kingdom respectively.

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Please be informed that due to the severe weather conditions, the presentation Τhe Internment of Jewish refugees in Cyprus, 1946-49 / The role of Britain and the US scheduled for Monday, January 25th will be cancelled.
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US premiere of Kyros Papvassiliou’s film
Join us tonight in Silver Spring at 10 pm for Kyros Papvassiliou’s Impressions of a Drowned Man, the film’s US premiere thanks to the 2015 AFI European Union Film Showcase: 


An additional showing will take place on Wednesday, December 15 at 5.10pm.
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Signing of Agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and the USA for cooperation in Preventing and Combating Serious Crime
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus and the Government of the United States of America, recognizing the importance of the prevention and combat of serious crime and particularly terrorism, have negotiated an Agreement on Enhancing Cooperation in Preventing and Combating Serious Crime, which was signed today by the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Mr Ionas Nicolaou, and the Ambassador of the United States of America, Mrs Kathleen Ann Doherty.

The purpose of the Agreement is to enhance cooperation between the Parties in preventing, detecting, combating and investigating serious crime, punishable by a deprivation of liberty of more than one year or by a more serious penalty, and especially for terrorism, through the exchange of information on suspects having committed or who are about to commit such crimes.
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